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Mohs Micrographic Surgery

What is Mohs Surgery?

Mohs (pronounced Moes) surgery is a highly specialized way to totally remove skin cancer. This method is unique because it involves microscopic examination of all removed tissue and detailed mapping. As a result, the surgeon can remove cancer invisible to the naked eye while greatly limiting damage to healthy skin.

Mohs surgery cures up to 99% of skin cancer and is still highly effective when other treatments have failed.

Used to treat skin cancer, this surgery has a unique benefit. During surgery, the surgeon can see where the cancer stops. This isn't possible with other types of treatment for skin cancer.

Mohs allows you to keep as much healthy skin as possible because the surgeon only removes the skin with cancer cells. This is especially important when skin cancer develops in an area with little tissue beneath (e.g., eyelid, ear, or hand).

Mohs Surgery Educational Materials


Please see the documents below from the American College of Mohs Surgery to learn more about skin cancer and the Mohs surgery process.


View these American College of Mohs Surgery videoes to learn more about Mohs micrographic surgery, what to expect, and why to choose a fellowship trained Mohs surgeon.

Mohs Surgery: The Most Effective Treatment for Skin Cancer

Post Operative Care for Mohs Surgery